Apart from providing transport service at the highest level, some of the employees of our company are the Motorcycle Trial riders. They are members of Cracow Cyclists and Motorcyclists Club “Smok” (Krakowski Klub Cyklistow i Motocyklistów „Smok) the oldest Polish Motor Club that is celebrating its centennial this year. Thanks to their great success and achievements the Club “Smok” is notable for winning the title of team Championship of Poland in Motorcycle Trial.

Tomasz Hajduk

Tomasz Hajduk

has been the motorcycle trials rider since his childhood. He has emerged as a regular winner. He has been the Polish Champion at the senior level for the last five years.

Krzysztof Korzeniak

His sport adventure of Motorcycle Trials Krzysztof Korzeniak started in 1989. After a long break he return in 2007 and a year later he finished second in the Polish Championships.

Korzeniak Sport
No matter if it is driving or riding the employees of MTS transport company can reach every destination. You can sleep peacefully without worrying about the goods entrusted to us for carriage.
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