Rental of terminal tractors

Terminal tractors are vehicles adapted to move within logistics and transhipment terminals, factories and production plants. The biggest advantage of these vehicles is the reduction of the time needed to transport BDF trailers and containers.

At the customer’s request, we can also rent our terminal tractors with semi-trailers. We offer standard, mega, coilmulde semi-trailers.

We guarantee full safety and efficiency of our vehicles. All our tractors have current inspections, are regularly serviced and maintained in proper efficiency.

Our company specializes in servicing production plants, logistics centers, factories and other storage facilities with the help of terminal tractors. We provide services of renting tractors with the operator, or renting the machines themselves, comprehensive service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and spare tractors.
Advantages of renting semi-trailers and terminal tractors in our company include, among others: reduced docking time for BDF semi-trailers and containers, service by experienced drivers, employee training in terminal tractor operation, fixed, low monthly fee, predictability costs, transparent rental conditions, comprehensive 24/7 service, replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown, vehicle delivery to the indicated location, short-term rental, long-term rental

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