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Krzysztof - transport krajowy i międzynarodowy

Krzysztof Więckowski

Zadzwoń +48 667 66 64 64
We ride with passion and a sense of security ...

Our company provides the complex domestic and international transportation. It has been present on the Polish market for fifteen years now. We are known for reliability and the high quality of provided service.

International transport

We also specialise in long distance driving. Our qualified staff provide the best and dedicated service of transportation. We care about the quality and the safety of our services.

Domestic transport (Poland)

Every day we guarantee the availability of our staff and professionalism of our services. Domestic transport is what we deal with on a daily basis.


At the customer’s request, we can also rent our terminal tractors with semi-trailers. We offer standard, mega, coilmulde semi-trailers.


Our company offers warehouse services – loading, unloading, providing information about quantitive status of warehoused goods , and also the distribution of cargo.

Our fleet
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