Domestic transport (Poland)

We provide a wide range of domestic transport services.  What is important, we are very reliable and flexible in services that our customers might require. We are always on time. We have been providing transport services at the highest level for 15 years. This is the  experience and tradition of our company that is the source of new inspirations for us. We  ensure safe, quick, and professional service. We specialize in full load transport  and carriage of dangerous goods.  We are acknowledge as a company that treats every order individually. Once you select us for domestic transport, you can be sure that your cargo will arrive safe , quick and even in the toughest conditions treated with the highest priority.

The most valuable reward from our customers is their trust. We do our best to come up to expectations of our clients. We are aware of how important the time of delivery is, thus our services are characterized by the prompt delivery to a place of destination for cargo up to 11,5 tonnes and capacity up to 24 m3. We are always at your disposal.
Transport krajowy
transport krajowy

Perfect and the fastest way to get your destination every day…

The range of our service is very diverse. We offer a broad range of loading capacity up to 24 tonnes, with space to load up to 38 Euro pallets. Our vehicles fleet includes standard and mega trailers. Priority of our company is to render satisfactory services to our customers and to undertake all efforts to cater for their needs. We ensure the absolute safety. The qualifications of our staff and the range of our services guarantee a high standard of customer service.  We are always at your disposal.

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